Authenticity and quality can be difficult to come by in the cannabis cosmetics market. New products are often rushed to market leaving quality compromised, whilst a worrying number of products are mislabelled or have uninspired formulations. Traceability is also severely lacking with most brands using cannabis, specifically ‘CBD’, as a gimmick to overcharge. Ultimately, customers are left with little choice when looking for high quality, certified and traceable topical CBD products.


At Cannafull, we want to change the way the cosmetics industry sees cannabis, and we want to change the way the CBD industry approaches CBD cosmetics. Our custom-developed formulations are based on natural ingredients that work synergistically to create effective products that serve a real purpose.

We're fully aware of both European and UK regulations surrounding CBD and industrial hemp. We keep an excellent relationship with our cannabis supplier, and regularly visit their farm. COA's for our CBD oil can be obtained upon request, simply contact us and we'll send you a 3rd-party lab-tested certificate within 24 hours. 

Many clients ask us where our cannabis comes from, as not all cannabis cosmetic manufacturers can ensure full traceability. We work with a cannabis farm in Lithuania who produce what we believe to be the finest cannabis extracts available on the European market today. The cannabis is solvent extracted into virgin hemp seed oil, and the result is a rich, thick, dark green, full-spectrum cannabis extract with a pleasant, herbal aroma.

You can't make quality cosmetics without quality ingredients

What sets us apart from other cannabis cosmetics on the market is our focus on the 95% of the final product that isn't cannabis. We blend natural ingredients that have been specially selected for their synergising effects. 

Our cosmetic raw material suppliers share our desire to provide ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, practising fair trade with local cooperatives in developing countries.


At Cannafull, we've brought together experts from both the CBD and the cosmetics industry. Our team is based in Scotland, and works with companies and individuals throughout the UK.

Rick Messitt


Rick’s interest and knowledge in cannabis grew from his Grandfather’s use of the plant to treat pain associated with Haemophilia and related surgeries. Having now been active in the cannabis industry for a couple of years his knowledge of the industry is well established. He is passionate about improving the industry’s reputation, educating people about cannabis and delivering authentic, high-quality products that stand up to extreme scrutiny. 

Rick is a seasoned Entrepreneur with many years’ experience developing and scaling start-up companies and running established SMEs. When he isn’t busy at work you will most likely find Rick foraging for wild mushrooms in a local forest, fishing for Cod or Trout or playing golf.

Craig McKay


Craig’s fascination with natural sciences and organic chemistry started when his son was born with a slight skin issue, and the usual creams and ointments prescribed from the doctor made things worse. The solution had to come from elsewhere, so he made a home remedy of organic plant-based oils which cleared his problem up completely.

That resulted in him starting his own business in the male grooming and general skincare sector. In a short space of time, his creations were being exported to seventeen different countries, picking up a host of awards along the way. Recently, he reached the final of the SME Scottish Business Awards 2019 in the entrepreneur of the year category and landing the Highly Commendable Award in the creative entrepreneur of the year category.

His current position as Director of Production, Research & Development is allowing him to push the boundaries of the skincare industry with a focus on the human endocannabinoid system and innovative cannabis skincare products.


In his spare time, Craig runs a small charity which focuses on emotional child abuse and family violence. 

Dr Sarah Gilchrist


Sarah has a background working for FTSE 100 companies but wanted to pivot to allow her to be a bigger cog in a smaller wheel and be able to have a stronger ability to shape the organisation she worked in.

She was sold by the story of the benefits that the CBD infused, custom-formulated creams that Craig had developed for his son and saw that Cannafull would be the perfect opportunity for her to transfer the skills she’d acquired throughout her career to a fantastic and innovative business.


She is passionate about making Cannafull the best in the industry through unbeatable customer experience underpinned by quality and consistency. 

Tamara McAsey


Tamara has been working in the cosmetics industry since moving back to the UK after graduating from Université de Tours in France in 2016. For several years now, she has been developing innovative skincare products focussing on the benefits of natural ingredients. Her work shows a particular interest in traditional European herbal medicine, product synergy and botanical extraction.

She has been able to witness first-hand the therapeutic benefits of high-quality cannabis extracts for treating dyshidrotic eczema and polycystic ovarian syndrome and can testify to their efficacy compared with traditional medical treatments for inflammation and pain relief. 


Her experience developing and formulating cosmetic products, alongside her interest in the CBD industry, has lead her to her current position of Creative Director at Cannfull Ltd. She’s hoping that her work will see an increase in the availability of high-quality cannabis cosmetics.

In her spare time, Tamara grows her own vegetables, helps to run community choirs that battle social isolation and performs as a singer-songwriter.


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We specialise in creating innovative skincare products infused with high-quality cannabis extracts.

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