Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are developed and manufactured in-house. We do not subcontract our manufacturing.

We are based in Perth, Scotland, UK.

Are your products compliant?

Yes, we have many years’ experience in the cosmetics industry which is why our products come completely compliant as standard. We have multiple processes in place to make sure you are compliant and can run your business knowing you have completely legal, tested and registered cosmetic products.

  • GMP Manufacturing processes.
  • Full Traceability of all ingredients, dates of manufacture and batch numbers.
  • Sample Retention on every batch.
  • Cannabinoid testing on every batch.

  • Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSRs) for every product.

  • Stability Tests on every product line.

  • Complete registration with EU CPNP & UK SCPN for legal sale across the EU and UK.

We make sure you receive everything your business needs to be run effectively and in full compliance with the law.

Can we change some of the ingredients and scents?

In some cases, we can make small amendments to our white-label product range to allow you to create a unique product and offer a custom quote quite quickly.

If the changes you are looking to make are significant or you want your own completely unique formula then this will require a lengthier process of testing, trials and accreditation of a new formula.

For these requirements we offer a full New Product Development (NPD) consultancy service.

Can we change the % CBD strength of the product?

This depends.

Some products can be altered to increase or decrease the % mg CBD and therefore total mg strength of the product. There are however limits, as increasing or decreasing the strength enough may require the accreditation of a new formula.

If you have specific requirements, please get in touch and we can develop custom pricing or products depending on your needs.

Why do you ‘manufacture to order’?

We manufacture fresh to order to give you and your customers the maximum shelf-life of the product. This will be especially important if you want to work with distributors and retailers.

It is important to us that you receive the products completely fresh with a date of manufacture and certified and up to date lab test with every order.

This does mean we can’t offer very low MOQs but allows you full traceability of your products.

Do you products come with cannabinoid tests (COAs)?

Yes, every batch is manufactured to order and will not be released to clients until a COA is obtained via a 3rd party lab.

Before any product leaves our facility, you will receive a COA demonstrating that the product complies with the advertised mg strength.

Can I order some samples?

Yes, we can provide samples. You can order individual or multiple units from any of the products in our range for the same price listed for the 250 MOQ + VAT & Shipping.

If you would like to order samples, please click here

Can we change the sizes of the product?

Yes, different packaging options will come in a variety of sizes and we can provide custom quotations based on your individual packaging requirements.

We produce / source our own CBD. Can we supply our own ingredients?

Yes, we work with many growers and extractors to help them turn their CBD products into amazing skincare formulas.

We can work with any ingredient that meets our own quality thresholds and comes supplied with appropriate paperwork such as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).


Is packaging included?

Yes, all our products come in amber glass containers and this is already included in the price. We use amber glass to stop sunlight from damaging the product.

The packaging is at least 99% recyclable by weight.

Are there other packaging options?

Yes, we can source a wide variety of different packaging options from our UK based suppliers. There is a lot to choose from so if you let us know what sort of thing you’re looking for we can help you explore your options.

Please bear in mind that different packaging options can impact both unit cost and MOQ, depending on what you choose. We can provide custom quotations based on your requirements.

Can we put the products in our own packaging?

Yes, if you already have a packaging supplier then you can supply your own packaging to us.

Please bear in mind that if you want to supply your own packaging or source from another 3rd party, then we must allocate extra resource to time spent receiving, checking, and storing your materials and this can impact costs.

Custom quotes are available based on your needs.

Do you provide labelling and boxing?

We don’t currently offer any labelling design work, printing or boxing for your products but can refer you to trusted local partners.

We will issue you with a labelling guidance pack for every product to make sure the designers you work with design a compliant label and will also perform a compliance check on your final designs before you go to print.


Can you develop custom products for our brand?

Yes, we have a lot of experience in bringing new CBD Skincare products to market. We can help you take a product from idea stage through to a fully accredited formula that is ready to manufacture.

What is involved in developing a custom CBD Skincare product?

We offer a full consultancy service. Before developing any formulas, we work through a detailed project plan with you to define:

  • Target Market & Consumer
  • Competitor Analysis
  • RRPs and Margin Requirements
  • Packaging Considerations & Costs

To give you the best chance of success we need to develop something commercially viable. Once we know the parameters, we are working within we can begin the process of developing formulas that fit the brief.

How long does it take to develop a new formula?

No development journey is the same and different types of products may take different amounts of time to develop.

Typically, you should allow at minimum 12 weeks from start to finish.

You may wish to supplement the development process with consumer testing and multiple iterations of formulas.

How much does New Product Development cost?

There is no fixed price for product development as no two skincare formulas are the same.

The lead time and cost of bringing a new product to market can vary greatly depending on:

  • Type and number of products being developed.
  • How many iterations of the formulas you workthrough.
  • Length of accreditation time for different product types
  • Your consumer testing requirements.

Get in touch today with your requirements and we can provide custom lead times and pricing.