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‘CBD Washing’ – Major High Street Brands STILL Misleading Consumers About CBD. See The Test Results.

Most of us are part of the CBD industry not only as a profession, but as a calling.

The majority of founders I have met during my time in the Cannabis industry were brought here through personal experience. Either themselves or a loved one had been touched by Cannabis in some way and had experienced first-hand its healing properties and ability to dramatically improve quality of life.

This is what I love about the Cannabis industry. Its deep-rooted authenticity and desire to improve the world.

The slow steady collapse of Cannabis prohibition is a net good. Changing regulation and public opinion allows more scientific research, more investment, and more access.

Unfortunately, with all the hype, interest and money flowing around Cannabis now, the incentives for those who want to make money, but might not have the same noble intentions increase dramatically.

The result?

Consumers are at risk of being misled.

CBD Mg Content Expose – BBC’s Trust Me I am A Doctor.

A lot of people in the industry will likely remember a quite damming BBC report here in the UK on a TV show called ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’.

Trust Me I'm A Doctor - CBD Content Screenshot

Long story short, in the show, which was aired over a year ago, they found that a lot of the CBD tinctures on sale in some of the major UK retailers did not contain the correct amount of CBD.

In most cases, the amount of CBD detected in their tests was significantly under what was advertised.

You can watch a 5-minute clip of the results they found here:

This is not what good PR looks like for our burgeoning industry!

So, we are more than a year since this show aired. Have things improved? Have we managed to put an end to ‘CBD Washing’?

We wanted to find out for ourselves…

CBD Skincare Products – How Much CBD Is Really in This?

Like any company passionate about their craft, we keep a keen eye on the market. We are always on the look out for latest trends, new products, and consumer demand.

When we see a new CBD skincare product on the market, we buy it, we try it and, in some cases, we COA test it.

In this post I’m going to give some insight into what we found when we tried two CBD skincare products currently for sale on the UK market.

Some salient points before we start:

1) Both brands are household names. You would recognise them.

2) We approached both brands for information and test results about the CBD content in their products prior to testing them.

In both cases the brands could not or would not release any information to us about how much CBD was in their products.

Unsatisfied with this outcome we decided we would get the products tested for ourselves….

CBD Skincare Products – The Cannabinoid Test Results

By now I am sure you have guessed that I would not be writing this post if we found what we would call a ‘reasonable amount’ of CBD in these two products.

Well, you would have guessed correctly. In both cases we found virtually no CBD in either of these skincare products.

Before we get to the results, it is worth mentioning that we are not here to name and shame these brands. That is not our style.

We will be reaching out to them privately to share our results. This can give them the chance to do a recall if it was a bad batch, improve their processes if there is a fundamental fault and so on. Let’s not reach for the pitchforks just yet.

CBD Content Test - Skincare Product 1

Below we have made a table showing the key results we discovered when testing the first of these products. We will refer to this product as ‘Product 1’.

See the results below:

Lab COA - CBD Skincare Product 1

So, let’s now make sense of the above. Here are the important things to note:

1) We have made the reasonable assumption that the product density is 1g per ml.

2) The % CBD detected in the test was 0.0544%. If this sounds like a low number to you, that’s because it is.

3) Given the results above, the calculated level of CBD present in this product is 16.32mg.

CBD Content Test - Skincare Product 2

Below we have made a table showing the key results we discovered when testing the second of these products, which we will refer to as ‘Product 2’.

See the results below:

Cannabinoid Test  CBD Skincare Product 2

Here are the important things to note:

1) We have made the reasonable assumption that the product density is 1g per ml.

2) The % CBD detected in the test was 0.000%. Understandably, for a ‘CBD product’ this is rather shocking as it suggests the product contains no CBD at all!

3) In the interest of fairness, I should point out that the machines used to test for CBD have a ‘LOQ’ or ‘Limit of Quantitation’ of 0.0025%. This means that whilst the test results came back with a result of 0.0000% CBD content, it could be true that some CBD is in the product, but in such small amounts that the testing machines were unable to detect it.

4) Given the machine’s limits mentioned above, we have determined in the last column the absolute maximum possible CBD content in this product could be no more than 0.75mg and could in fact be lower than this.

CBD Consumers Deserve More Transparency

As you can imagine, we were quite surprised by the results.

I will admit that going into testing these products I was assuming low levels of CBD given we weren’t given great responses from the brands when we asked for more information.

But to find that 1 of the products has seemingly no CBD present at all and the other contains such low levels was a real eye opener.

To help put these results in context. Here is how these products compare against our own White Label CBD Intense Repair Serum:

Cannabinoid Test Results - Mg Comparison

The results speak for themselves.

‘Product 1’ contained just 11% of the amount of CBD we put into a similar product. ‘Product 2’? Well, that contains such little CBD that it’s a reach to call it a ‘CBD Product’ at all.

To call this disappointing would be an understatement. At best, this is misleading for consumers.

A year on from the BBC investigation and even large, well-known brands continue to short-change their customers in a short-sighted rush to grow revenue.

Luckily, those amongst us that are passionate about Cannabinoids and their benefits for health know all to well that Cannabis extracts demonstrate true efficacy. That’s why we are here.

Customers are savvier than a lot of brands realise, and they are becoming well versed in CBD. Not to mention the results they see when they use authentic products!

The future will belong to brands who understand this, play the long game and show consumers REAL results.

Love authentic Cannabis products as much as we do? We’d love to hear from you! Book a call with us.

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