CBG – A powerful new Cannabinoid entering the skincare market.

CBD skincare is a trend that just keeps on trending.

Global CBD skincare sales are estimated to reach $741 million by 2024 according to research from Prohibition Partners. It’s no surprise then that you will have probably come across a CBD skincare product or two already.

But have you ever come across a ‘CBG skincare’ product?

Cannabigerol molecule

It’s far less likely, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t already tried it! Confused yet? Of course…. This is the UK’s Cannabis industry!

Whilst you’re unlikely to have seen many skincare products openly advertised as a ‘CBG skincare’ it’s quite likely you may have tried a ‘Full’ or ‘Broad’ spectrum ‘CBD product’ that does contain CBG.

The reason for this is that CBG and CBD are just two cannabinoids from a list of over 100 found in Cannabis. That’s why when you see a full or broad-spectrum product, there is a good chance CBG is also present.

So why would it be marketed as just a CBD product?

Well, the reason is that CBG and other cannabinoids are far less prevalent in Cannabis than CBD is. Typically, the strains of Cannabis used for extracting CBD will contain 25 times more CBD than other ‘minor cannabinoids’ like CBG. This means that whilst the products you have already tried may contain some trace elements of CBG, they are extremely low.

Most products then are marketed as just CBD products, this is the only metric brands and consumers are currently measuring and talking about…. The total mg CBD content of a product. In fact, what this means it most brands will create formulas with only CBD being present. It’s a shame because in some cases it fails to tell the whole story of what a product truly contains, and it also makes it a lot trickier for consumers to compare products.

Not only that, but it also does the Cannabis plant a huge disservice. Focussing on only one Cannabinoid misses the vast opportunities other cannabinoids represent. Brands only working with CBD are effectively closing themselves off to over 95% of the plant’s interesting properties.

Cannabinoid Wheel - Leafly
Cannabinoid Wheel - Leafly

Luckily, trends in the US show that brands are seeing increasing success when fully explaining products to consumers and giving more accurate breakdowns of all cannabinoids and terpenes in their products.

If this trend continues it will give consumers the opportunity to select highly tailored formulas that best suit them and will give manufacturers more opportunity to differentiate and find products with powerful efficacy for specific niches.

What is CBG? Is it different to CBD?

For a compound that is typically referred to as a ‘minor cannabinoid’ CBG, or Cannabigerol, should probably go by its other name:

The mother of all Cannabinoids.


Well, the acidic form of CBG, ‘CBGA’, which is what you will find in raw Cannabis flower whilst it is growing, is the chemical precursor to almost all other cannabinoids found in Cannabis.

Cannabinoids found in Cannabis are not static and change over time as the plant grows and flowers. The exact make-up of the Cannabinoids found even in each, individual plant can change depending on how much sunlight they receive, the quality of the soil and water they receive and even when in the season they are harvested.

Being a chemical precursor to other Cannabinoids means that whilst growing, Cannabis will convert CBGA to other compounds like THCA and CBDA.

CBGA - The mother of all cannabinoids
CBGA - The mother of all cannabinoids