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The Importance of Visual Marketing in Skincare

Updated: Jul 19

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing my best practises and insider tips from a digital marketing perspective. For this instalment I am going to be delving into the importance of imagery and video in marketing for brands dealing with blocks and restrictions consistently. In our case this is due to CBD related paid ad restrictions. I will be showcasing just how important video blogging (vlogging) or video content is for business during the covid-19 pandemic and post covid-19.

Social Media Engagement
Social Engagement

The Power of Imagery

Imagery and visual marketing is the staple form of marketing in this day and age. With social media at the centre of most people's lives and business it is easy to see why the ‘perfect’ photo or aesthetic opportunity is worth so much to everyone. Instagram in particular is a grid format of imagery, gif (moving image) or video content we are all extremely familiar with. Brands need to be savvy with visual marketing as an asset to marketers, as it is powerful at pulling a shared response from the public or consumers. If content is compelling, shocking or brilliant people can feel the need to share it. This is the best and easiest way to enhance your following and share your message to interested or like minded target consumers.

Social Sharing
Social Sharing

Video Blogging

Video Blogging (Vlogging) is a brilliant way for a brand promoting CBD related products to showcase detailed information, reviews, Q and A’s, walk-through product offers and even tutorials on how to use said product. With the lack of Paid Promotions/ Advertising that can be done with CBD products which I will go on to discuss later, it becomes easy to see that other marketing techniques are needed. This is where vlogging comes in.

For customers, vlogging feels highly interactive: maybe they can see behind the scenes and or be presented with an opportunity to “deep dive” on product details they are interested in. Some online customers are extremely happy with these additional insights and do not think twice about the fact they haven't been able to physically try before you buy etc. On the other hand, some consumers are driven by trying the product, consumer reviews or endorsements.

CBD Face Mask Vlogging
CBD Face Mask Vlogging

During the COVID pandemic, vlogging or video marketing essentially became the only way to really show the product outside the generalised product imagery or marketing we see on a day-to-day basis online. This makes video content an invaluable asset to work with in skincare or cosmetic marketing. When buying clothing you can order the products online and try it, if it is not for you or ill fitting you just return it. Whereas with skincare it is not the same you cannot try it and return if it doesn't tickle your fancy. Often, returns are only permitted where there is a product issue or fault. This makes the product more of a risky purchase to consumers as, once you click that “pay now” button the product is yours.

Video Content Creation
Video Content Creation

Furthermore with video content, consumers and browsers are more likely to watch and engage than they are with text content, so your impressions are more likely to be greater. In turn this could increase conversions on your product(s). Importantly, video content is more likely to go viral than image content. Turning longform content featured under imagery into a video or vlog could also be an interesting way to analyse just how much your impressions change from photography and text content to video content.

Telling Your Brands Story

A big part of marketing is essentially a technical and fancy way of storytelling and creating brand awareness in the world.

The general assumption can be that marketing is easy: once you have your marketing team working on pitches and campaigns things will just instantly take off. However, there are many layers of marketing, brand DNA and product awareness to touch upon, when initially getting a company out into the world.

People also often underestimate the effort required in effective digital marketing. In some individuals’ minds, digital marketing is as fast as uploading a picture to your social media account. However, just because that image, video or infographic is out there it doesn’t necessarily mean your brand awareness is rising or potential customers are going to be persuaded to go from a “browser” to a “buyer”. This aspect of gaining conversions, organic following and engaged following can be a bit of a slow burning process. In my opinion, as a digital marketing coordinator, people can become fixated with growing an online following fast. Of course, generally people associate a larger following with more sales, more customers, well known or celebrity influencers and a large array of products with continuous launches. However in both the CBD and other industries, I strongly believe that a smaller following of completely engaged and interactive followers is more beneficial to a brand trying to build strong customer relationships, promote sales, customer service and repeat custom rather than thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers with a less engaged and passionate group of individuals following. Of course a larger following is an end goal but one of the most important end goals is sales with a high customer satisfaction.


At Cannafull we believe and ensure our customers and passion for CBD products and awareness are at the heart of our marketing. We will continue to help satisfy the public need for CBD, whilst setting a high standard for the rest of the CBD industry to follow and be a part of.

CBD Paid Promotions & Advertising Restrictions

I feel I cannot discuss marketing and particularly digital marketing without touching upon the ban on paid advertising within the CBD product industry.

As a digital marketing professional this ban and the restrictions which come from trying to slip through the cracks into the paid advertising sphere can feel soul destroying. Spending your days creating interesting, informative and immensely creative content which can only be shared in an organic manner means that unless you unexpectedly manage to go viral your reach will always be less than that of companies and brands which can pay for advertising consistently and grow an engaged following faster.

Having paid advertising restrictions and bans from Facebook/ Instagram, Google and YouTube could feel like the end of the world, but have no fear we have tips and tricks for you and your brand to try and overcome this issue. We have an entire blog on “The Ban on Paid Advertising for CBD Products - What does it mean for your CBD Skincare Brand?” This blog contains some helpful ideas for CBD brands to use when paid advertising is taken out of the equation. One of these saving graces could be email marketing, stay tuned for another instalment on the importance of email marketing and how we can use it to build personal relationships with our dedicated subscribers and friends.

Paid Advertising Blog
Paid Advertising Blog

If you are ready to find the key to promoting and digital marketing techniques for your CBD brand stay up to date with our blogs and follow us on our social media channels. Or maybe you are looking to start your own journey into the cannabis cosmetics industry? If so, why not book a consultation to discuss developing your own range? Contact us today to start your product development and awareness journey.

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