At Cannafull we pride ourselves on creating & manufacturing only the best 'retail – ready’ cannabis-infused cosmetics for your business. We only work with natural, high-quality ingredients and everything we do is lab tested and accredited. Working with us ensures your brand has the technical knowledge and support it needs to deliver high-quality cosmetics products to your consumers.

Our white label range is the easiest way to make the first step into the cannabis cosmetics market. However, we understand that many well-established cannabis brands will want to offer their consumers something that is truly unique​ and that matches their branding.


We put your customers and their needs first making sure we develop a product that accurately reflects your brand identity and suits your target market.

With our custom product development service, you're guaranteed a service that goes well beyond cosmetic manufacturing. 

Working will Cannafull means you'll have access to our network that can help you with potential issues such as e-commerce, digital marketing, insurance and payment providers. It always gives you the opportunity to delve into our well of market insights, collated over collective decades in multiple industries. We can offer you advice for developing coherent ranges, and help you to understand the latest market trends. We'll also offer you valuable insight into developing sustainable and ethical products and help to navigate you through the minefield of European cannabis regulations.


Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are developed and manufactured in-house. We do not subcontract our manufacturing.

We are based in Perth, Scotland, UK.

Do you provide labelling and boxing?

We don’t currently offer any labelling design work, printing or boxing for your products but can refer you to trusted local partners.

We will issue you with a labelling guidance pack for every product to make sure the designers you work with design a compliant label and will also perform a compliance check on your final designs before you go to print.

What is involved in developing a custom CBD Skincare product?

We offer a full consultancy service. Before developing any formulas, we work through a detailed project plan with you to define:

  • Target Market & Consumer
  • Competitor Analysis
  • RRPs and Margin Requirements
  • Packaging Considerations & Costs

To give you the best chance of success we need to develop something commercially viable. Once we know the parameters, we are working within we can begin the process of developing formulas that fit the brief.

How long does it take to develop a new formula?

No development journey is the same and different types of products may take different amounts of time to develop.

Typically, you should allow at minimum 12 weeks from start to finish.

You may wish to supplement the development process with consumer testing and multiple iterations of formulas.

How much does New Product Development cost?

There is no fixed price for product development as no two skincare formulas are the same.

The lead time and cost of bringing a new product to market can vary greatly depending on:

  • Type and number of products being developed.
  • How many iterations of the formulas you workthrough.
  • Length of accreditation time for different product types
  • Your consumer testing requirements.

Get in touch today with your requirements and we can provide custom lead times and pricing.

If you're considering developing custom cannabis cosmetics for your brand, get in touch by filling out the form below, alternatively, you can reach out to us at


Thanks - you're one step closer to clever cannabis cosmetics.