At Cannafull we pride ourselves on creating & manufacturing only the best 'retail – ready’ cannabis-infused cosmetics for your business. We only work with natural, high-quality ingredients and everything we do is lab tested and accredited. Working with us ensures your brand has the technical knowledge and support it needs to deliver high-quality cosmetics products to your consumers.







  1. Preliminary Consultation


We like to get to know your brand values and understand the products you are trying to create. It helps us better understand the market you are targeting and develop a product that matches the needs of your customers and your business. 


Our preliminary workshop is an essential part of the NPD process as it ensures we develop formulas that enable you to reach your ambitions. 


We help you to consider:


  • Who is your ideal customer? 

It’s important to understand your customer and the target market you’re seeking to serve. Different ages, genders and demographics bring with them different customer needs, varying disposable incomes and different values that you need to consider. 


A customer that is looking for a cosmetic to help with sports recovery is very different from one looking for a luxurious face mask!

We put your customers and their needs first making sure we develop a product that reflects your brand and suits your target market.


  • What are your commercials?

Do you already have a good idea of what you want to charge for your products, and do you know the level of margin you need to achieve? 


Cosmetics ingredients can vary wildly in cost. If we understand your price points and desired margins it helps us to recommend the best formulas for your range that make commercial sense. 


  • What are your packaging requirements?

We need to understand the packaging requirements of your product whether it be a 60ml tub or a 500ml glass bottle. Alternatively, you can always handle the packaging yourself and have your product manufactured in bulk. 


The size and packaging materials used will have a direct impact on your production costs. Understanding this early on will save reworking later in the process. 


  • What volumes will you manufacture to?

Volume will have a dramatic impact on production costs. The difference in cost per unit between 100 and 1000 units and beyond can be dramatic. 


Sharing forecasted volumes again helps us to develop formulas that compliment your commercial decisions and make sense at the scale you’re working to. 



Duration: ½ day


We put your customers and their needs first making sure we develop a product that accurately reflects your brand identity and suits your target market.


​2. Custom Formula Development & Initial Proposal


Having understood more about your business, your customer’s needs and your target market we will develop custom formulas for each product in your range. 


You will receive a proposal document that details each product and provides the following information:


  • Detailed product description

  • Full INCI list 

  • CBD content & guidance

  • Suggested use & application method

  • Suggested packaging considerations

  • Estimated pricing for volume manufacture


After receiving your proposal, you will then be invited to a follow-up meeting where we will walk through the proposal with you explaining the decisions taken in the design and an opportunity to provide your feedback. Once happy with the proposed formulas we will seek your confirmation to proceed to the next stage.


Note: This is the best opportunity for making changes and tweaks to your formula prior to stage 3 and the production of your first samples. Making changes to a formula once samples are being made will incur further costs for materials and time.



Duration: 5 – 10 working days



3. Sign-Off & Sample Development


Now that preliminary formulas have been agreed we will begin work on developing your first samples and bringing your new products to life! 


You will receive:


  • 3 x samples in full-sized, white-label packaging per product

  • Manufacture dates

  • Batch numbers

  • Stability test results

  • Any notes of consideration from our production team

  • Accurate production costing over three desired batch sizes


If you wish to receive more samples of your product this can be arranged at a further cost. If you wish to receive more, smaller samples (full-size packaging) please let us know before proceeding with sample production. 


As part of this process, we will also provide you with a template customer feedback form that you can provide to people testing and providing feedback on your samples. 



Duration: 10 working days



​4. Feedback & Revisions

We allow you up to 10 working days from receipt of your samples to test, share and use them to ensure they meet your requirements.  If you have performed any customer feedback, we will be happy to review this. 


As part of our process, you will get the opportunity to make slight tweaks and revisions to your formulas. Each time you make a change to your formula we will produce a new set of samples to send out to you. Each product developed as part of our NPD process will come with the opportunity for two revisions as part of the project.​

Each new round of revisions and samples will include:


  • 3 x samples in full-sized, white-label packaging

  • Manufacture dates

  • Batch numbers

  • Stability test results

  • Any notes from our production team

  • Manufacture costings over three desired batch sizes

After each revision, we will host a meeting with our team to gather your feedback and assess the need for further revisions or the decision to proceed to the next stage.

A revision is the opportunity to tweak a maximum of 10% of your formula to adjust scent and texture. If you seek to make more changes then this constitutes a brand-new formula rather than a revision and will come at additional cost. 


If additional revisions and sample production are required (above the 2 included in the process) these will be chargeable for both the time taken to manufacture, ingredients and shipping.


Duration: 10 working days

5. Formula Sign-Off & Reporting


Following the completion of your formula development and revisions, your product development process is signed off as complete. 


Our work isn’t quite finished. To complete your project, you will receive a report detailing:


  • Full list of ingredients and labelling requirements per product

  • A quotation for manufacturing at various volumes

  • Detailed product descriptions

  • Guidance on claims, ingredients & USPs


This will provide you with everything you need to ensure you label your products accurately, have a wealth of information on your ingredients to market your products effectively and a detailed costing breakdown for product manufacturing.


While you make use of this information and seek any clarifications, we will have proceeded to our final step in the NPD process on your behalf.

Duration: 5 working days


6. Testing & Accreditation


As part of our NPD process, we take care of all the compliance issues you may face. We ensure that your product is properly documented, tested and accredited and is market-ready for production and sale in the UK and EU. 


If your products are to be sold in jurisdictions outside of the UK and Europe, we can deliver additional testing & accreditations required at additional cost. 

For products sold in Europe, EU law requires all product formulas sold within the EU marketplace to have the following tests and accreditations before being released for sale:


  • Stability Testing

  • Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET/challenge testing) 

  • Cosmetics Product Safety Report (CPSR) created by a qualified assessor 

  • Ongoing Maintenance of a Product Information File (PIF)

  • Submission to EU Cosmetics Products Notification Portal (CPNP) 

Cannafull will manage the entire process for you in-house. This includes assigning one of our team as your registered ‘Responsible Person’, creating and maintaining your PIF for each formula and submission of your products to the relevant authorities.


For products containing Cannabis extracts we also include additional testing & accreditation services for Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles with accredited 3rd party UK labs. In most EU jurisdictions these will be necessary to enable your product to be sold and we recommend should be included within your (PIF).




On-going Support – Complaints & Adverse Effects


As a company, we also commit to making sure your business is as prepared and defensible as possible when it comes to complaint handling and adverse effects support. We retain samples for every batch we produce meaning there is always full traceability.


Should a customer experience an adverse effect we have the documentation and samples to demonstrate the quality of the product when it left the facility. This protects your interests in the event that your product is tampered with further down your supply chain and allows us to identify the source of any issues and if complaints are genuine or spurious. 


Lead times vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the types of stability tests being administered. Compliance requirements can vary between products.


Note: We will act as your assigned ‘Responsible Person’ for your products on an annual basis. Should you choose to manufacture with another supplier you must change your assigned Responsible Person and either you or your new manufacturer must assume this role to remain compliant.




Cannabis is a fairly new ingredient in the cosmetics industry. Whereas hemp oil has been used traditionally for decades and is well understood, tested and regulated, the same is not the case for CBD.

With innovation often comes uncertainty, and this is where we can help your cosmetics business make the most out of CBD as a cosmetic ingredient. The current lack of standardised testing and regulation can make it difficult to source suppliers that are reliable and transparent. Working with an unfamiliar ingredient can also be costly in both time and money for research and development departments.

Our team is uniquely comprised of multi-industry experts with years of experience in both the cosmetics industry and the cannabis industry.

We work alongside established cosmetics companies who are looking to expand their range and introduce CBD-infused products to their customers. We can help you to:

  • Source high-quality CBD oil for use in cosmetics at competitive prices

  • Develop new products in line with your brand identity

  • Re-formulate existing products

  • Transition from lower-quality extracts to higher quality, full-spectrum extracts

  • Offer white-label products as a cost-effective solution



No matter where you are on your business journey, you never know when you could use a helping hand. For example, if you have a small cosmetics business and are looking to take the next step in scaling up your production, we can help. We can help make sure that your products are meeting European legal requirements, provide expert advice on your formulations, and help with sourcing your ingredients. We can also provide quotes for product manufacture at various volumes

Our advancement consultancy service can help provide you with the solutions to the questions you didn’t know you had.

Troubleshooting & business continuity

  • Existing product offering review and optimisation

  • Adverse effects / serious adverse effects (sue) policy & controls


Market insights

  • Advice for developing coherent ranges

  • Understanding latest trends

  • Ethics & sustainability

  • Customer profiling


Compliance review

  • GMP: good manufacturing practice

  • Understanding and complying with European regulations 

  • Post-Brexit preparation


Business coaching

  • Brand identity guidelines (visual assets, tone of voice)

  • Market positioning (what’s your USP?)]

  • Business plan review


Access to our network

Working with Cannafull ensures access to our network of professionals that cover multiple disciplines including:

  • Reliable CBD oil supply

  • Digital marketing: social media, SEO etc.

  • E-commerce help

We specialise in creating innovative skincare products infused with high-quality cannabis extracts.

Get in touch to find out how we could help your business tap into the amazing opportunities of cannabis cosmetics. 

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